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I've worked with executives and senior leaders at the following companies:

what people are saying

"Janet did a great job coaching me through self-reflection and connecting several sessions together to uncover broader trends about how I work, manage and live.  It was really helpful to draw these connections and help get to the root cause of some of my challenges and how to improve."

     - B.T., VP & Divisional Manager, Liberty Mutual

"Working with Janet was uplifting and energizing and provided me with the space to reflect, assess, and then take action. Her style really fit mine in that she knew when to ask a question, when to push on a topic, when to listen and when to provide guidance. Her approach enabled me to come to some sort of realization about myself, my management style, and my past and future actions. I never felt judged and I always felt supported."

     - L.D., Chief Operating Officer, start-up incubator

"Janet could respond in session and facilitate when I was throwing a lot at her. I got emotional a few times, and she was simply present and was a safe place for me to express what I needed to. She made me think, she gave me pause."

     - D.D., Managing Director, advertising agency

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